Short doc: Oh my tweet

Short creative documentary about the struggle with dogmas and social media. Journalist Bo Hanna broke away from his orthodox-Christian background, but now feels stuck inside a bubble once again. This time it’s the social media that partly define his bubble. What are the consequences if you tweet a strong opinion? How many people can turn against you? In two phone conversations, he discusses his anxieties and vulnerability. Gradually, the camera introduces you to his life and environment.

Young Gay Men Talk About the Dangers of Having to Hide Your Dating Life

On the night of 18th February, 17-year-old Orlando Boldewijn disappeared in the Dutch city of The Hague, after a Grindr-date he hadn't told his friends or family about. The student's body was found eight days later in a pond in the Ypenburg neighbourhood of the city. It's still uncertain what exactly happened to Orlando Boldewijn, but the case has started a conversation in the Netherlands about the safety of gay teenagers exploring their sexuality through secret meet-ups. Apps like Grindr are...

The Everyday Racism You Encounter While Dating as a Person of Colour

As someone with an Egyptian background living in the Netherlands, I'm constantly forced to laugh off poor attempts at flirting that focus solely on my race. "Arab guys make me so horny – I hear you're all very dominant and aggressive in bed," was one example. "You’re quite handsome for a Moroccan," was another. I was curious to see if experiencing racism in the dating scene is as common as it seems to be, so I spoke to seven people of colour.

Digital defenders: meet the queer activists fighting surveillance and censorship online

The physical and digital worlds are increasingly intertwined when it comes to safety; prejudices that manifest online can lead to physical harm, and marginalized communities, particularly LGBT people, are increasingly prone to security threats like surveillance and censorship. It’s therefore necessary that the LGBT community becomes aware of the intersection of human rights and technology.

Armed police storm Georgian nightclubs leading to a rave outside Parliament

Hundreds of people descended onto Tbilisi’s streets this weekend to protest heavily armed police raids on two nightclubs in Georgian capital. A rave took place in front of Parliament, and protesters demanded the resignation of the prime minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili and the minister of internal affairs. Despite being something of an outpost on the clubbing landscape, Tbilisi has garnered recognition in the global house and techno scenes, mostly thanks to the city’s two dance music focal points

What It's Like to Be Raised Gender Neutral

In April of 2016, I interviewed two parents who are raising their children gender neutral. It could be liberating, they said, to not have social expectations of children based on their sex. However, many people considered their parenting decision to be a form of unnatural indoctrination – arguing that there's simply a biological difference between men and women; that kids shouldn't be tricked into thinking they can pick and choose. Unsurprisingly, my article inspired comments like: "This is what modern child abuse looks like," and, "Another selfish parent projecting her identity issues on a child."

After Beirut Pride’s Cancellation, LGBTQ+ Lebanese People Fight Back

While queer people have always faced oppression and social stigma throughout the Arab world, the past few years have marked a string of particularly frightening instances of persecution. Last year, at least 76 LGBTQ+ people were arrested after Mashrou’ Leila, a Lebanese band with an openly gay lead singer, played a concert in Cairo where some attendees waved rainbow flags. In 2016, two lesbian teenagers were arrested in Morocco after they were photographed by a passerby while kissing on a roofto

The Trans Clinic Run Exclusively by Trans People - YouTube

In Amsterdam’s red light district, a transgender clinic run exclusively by trans people has been operating for two years at the sex workers’ Union HQ. It caters to trans people from marginalized groups, like refugees and sex workers, but increasingly also to trans people who have grown tired of waiting for the vastly oversubscribed services offered via mainstream care. Broadly’s Bo Hanna visits the clinic to find out what state run services could learn from it.

it's hard to get a haircut in the netherlands if you have an afro

i-D Hair Week is an exploration of how our hairstyles start conversations about identity, culture and the times we live in. This article was originally published by i-D Netherlands. For Hair Week, i-D Netherlands delved into the local situation for people of color who want to keep their hair natural, and found it seriously lacking. There is a dearth of hairdressers and haircare products that are right for their hair. Amsterdam-based writers Bo Hanna and Ruby Cruden know this struggle well, and

This Is What It's Really Like to Raise a Gender Neutral Child

On a recent visit to Stockholm, I met Miranda – an LGBT-activist and mother of a two-and-a-half year old child. I use the word "child" deliberately here, because Miranda chose to raise her baby gender neutral, which means she is trying to bring it up in an environment free of gender stereotypes. It seems like a very Swedish thing to do – what with the Swedish government handing out Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's We Should All Be Feminists to every 16-year-old in the land, and encouraging Swedish da

The Cops Banned Pride, So Istanbul’s Queers Got Stronger Than Ever

Since 2003, Istanbul Pride has stood as one of the biggest LGBTQ+ events in a region where queer people face overt oppression and social stigma. Though it is far from an ideal place to be LGBTQ+, queer people from throughout the Middle East seek refuge there due to its relatively liberal attitudes — homosexuality is legal there, and the city features a sizable LGBTQ+ cultural and social scene. Last month, it was announced that the city would move to ban Istanbul’s annual Pride celebrations for
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